XRDM fails more than it works

I’m trying to figure out why my outdoor rides (which are HRDM) keep getting flagged, a lot of them are high effort, which pretty much makes xert’s recommendations completely wrong because it doesn’t consider the recovery I need after the hard rides. using a Garmin edge 530, cadence,speed, and chest strap. What am I doing wrong?

Also created a discussion into this matter months ago with no response. Not sure what the right method of inquiry is to get a response.

Can you provide a link to one of them?

First check is that max and resting HR are correct in your profile - can imagine flagging if you exceed ‘max’ for example. Personally have never had a ride flagged like that.

For technical support they have an email address - forum is to check the community for their experiences and advice only… so relying on the goodwill of others (who are not always experts in the system) :blush:

Here is the last one:.

Thanks, I’ll check the HR data and compare it to my current HR profile.

OK. So I went into my account settings / profile where it has a switch for hrdm and it’s is checked, BUT the “Auto-estimate Heart Rate parameters” was not. I turn on auto-estimate and saved settings it changed from 40 rest / 180 max to 41 rest / 176 max and recalculated fitness profile, as well as fixed the hrdm issue. Thank you both for your assistance!

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For future reference I think you have to “Share” the activity by selecting “Share” on the activity page
Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 13.04.16
Glad to see you got it sorted.

Ah, I see. I set it to public just now. Thanks again! Computer literacy has an inverse relationship with age, and I’m well on my way to old…

Welcome to the Club. I’ve just turned 67

I could not find that post but perhaps it was under a different screen name.
In the future if you have an issue and community members aren’t responding, contact support@xertonline.com to file a support request.

As far as HRDM goes, some users aren’t able to use auto-estimate as they have errant HR data on file. If you decide to tweak the parameters in the future a recalculation of prior HRDM activities is triggered when you click Save Settings.

It was a group discussion (the one you initiate from the activity) from a couple of months ago. I was definitely not using the proper communication channels, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!