xpmc settings

My settings in XPMC Chart is standard at 40/10, does xert change this auto or do i need to set it myself.
and what is the effect on my signature????????????

What do you mean by 40/10?

in My Fitness Advanced there is chart for xpmc settings wich is now at Training load time constant at 40 for peak power, FTP and HIE, and recovery load time constant at 10 for the same pp, FTP HIE. Do i need to change these values my self?

You can and see what affect they will have on your XPMC. These values will become more important when we use them to help predict future signature values.

ok, but what does Training load time and recovery load time contstant actualy mean????????????

The time constants reflect how long it takes for the training to improve your fitness (Training Load) and how long it takes for you to recover from training (Recovery Load). It is based on Banister’s Impulse Response model. You can google that and find quite a bit of research material on it. HTH

Banister used 42 days. XERT defaults to 60 days. Interesting.

Should there be parameters for Lower Threshold Power? Seems that maybe TP should react faster than LTP?

Banister used 42 days for all training stress. Xert uses different time constants for different types of strain.

In the system right now, all Low strain uses the 60 day time constant. It could be possible that sub LTP strain would have a longer time constant (and shorter recovery constant).


Did the time constants change recently for new users? Mine are set as follows (and I don’t remember ever changing them):

Was the change made when you changed the Form boundaries to ±30% rather than the old ±40% value? Should I change mine to 60?


The defaults are 22/12 for PP and HIE and 60/5 for TP. By setting your training load constant to 70, it will take you longer to build up low training load (and thus, increase your TP), but it will also decay away more slowly without training. By decreasing the recovery load from 5 to 4, the system will also show that you recover from low strain more quickly. If things have been working well for you, you can leave it as is. Or you can change it back to the default settings.

Thanks Scott,

No idea how I ever ended up with those settings. Changed them to 60 and 5 and hit recalculate.


Hi Guys,

I am seeking guidance please XPMC Settings

22/12 for PP and HIE.
60/5 TP
Start Training Load 91