XPMC Progression Chart - Export, e.g., CSV?

Is there a straightforward way to export XPMC values making up the Progression Chart information according to datetime?
E.g., as a CSV?


XPMC analysis cannot be exported but you can select Activities, Table in sidebar menu, click the Show/Hide Columns icon in top right, determine which data to include, check off which activities, then export as CSV.

Thanks for your response.

Does anyone know how those unique values from the XPMC progression chart are computed?
That is, form and training load?

I imagine this is some moving average based on XSS, but a initial search didn’t yield anything immediately apparent.

Hi Eric,

Training Load is comprised of 3 separate, individual training loads (Low, High, Peak) as an EWMA using the time constants found in account settings > profile for each type of XSS.
Likewise, Form is calculated as the difference between Training Loads & Recovery Loads (also 3 separate RL’s, each calculated as an EWMA with their own RL time constants).

The actual Form status (color) is then calculated from the 2-dimensional (Low v. High/Peak form).

Worth having a look at this post that I wrote a while back.

Understanding Status - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)


Cool–exactly what I was hoping to find.

Thanks, guys.