XM Activities time inconsistency.

My XM rides showed 7 or 8 hour a head of my real activities time. Today I did 3:50pm ride and it showed 11:50pm ( Tues) and the 4:25 and showed 12:25AM ( Wed), I looked into the Setting but then such a thing should be synchronizedoned with the time on the phone!

me too. rode at 10 and its marked for 3:16 and its not even 2

Hi all,

We’ve put in a potential fix for this problem. We’ll need some confirmation from your ends that it works – simply delete the pre-existing “bad” activities and upload them again.

got it

I tried and deleted a few ( not all of them ) and uploaded them again and the problem still in there.

Hi Shar,

Something to note is that if your activity contains no GPS data, Xert will default your timezone to UTC. We do not yet provide the user option of setting a local timezone.