XFAI Training Recs & Autogen not working?

Anyone else having issues with the training recommendations and Autogen?

Today the XFAI has 52 XSS (39, 11.2 and 1.5) allocated as pure pursuiter. However, when I click to choose a workout its only recommending active recovery sessions of 15 mins (see screenshot). When I click on autogen, it never completes creating a workout - the stars just keep spinning and spinning till eventually I step away and when I come back nothing.

Is this a bug in the system, or an issue I’ve created. A few things I thought may be causing it:

  • Yesterday I commuted to work instead of ‘rest’, it was 2x ~40 XSS (HR derived) of easy pure endurance but perhaps enough for the system to see fatigue and so recommend recovery workouts (I was meant to be coming ‘green’ today). However, I’d have thought it should just recommend workouts aligned to the XFAI recommendations regardless when you click into that planned workout.
  • The workout is scheduled for early afternoon but is only morning now; doesn’t make sense to me though as earlier in the week looking ahead it was recommending pure road sprinter and pure puncheur workouts (apparently there aren’t really many pure pursuiter workouts.
  • Earlier in the week I autogen’d just to see what it might look like, but then cleared it so I could autogen today with my most upto date fitness signature. Is there a bar to re-autogenerating?

For context - Planner

Recommendations (I’ve double checked and only filtering “workout”)

Edit: Just noticing the text under the training is weird, never seen that before. It looks like rest day text despite their being a workout first then describes needing to go fast??

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I’m getting the same problem, I don’t think it’s a just you issue.


@blairc @AlexTK90 @myprefrontalcortex Can one of you send details to support@xertonline.com with the reference to the activity that this is happening on? There’s an error in the text logic. Thanks.

Everything is back to normal for me this morning.