Xert ZWO file import into RGT - workout power increase issue

I’ve managed to import a ZWO file successfully into RGT. The issue I found is that workouts that have a gradual power increase, start at the peak power instead of ramping up. For example a workout in Xert may have started initially at 120 watts, then progressed to 170 watt. In RGT, the workout stated at 170 instead of ramping up slowly.
Has anyone experienced this issue and does it also occur in Zwift?


Which workout and which interval so I can compare the workout on FulGaz or maybe Zwift.

It was this workout…

SMART - 4x8 min @ 150XSSR

It is probably because it is a smart workout. They do export as a zwo file but do not have the smart functionality.
Will look shortly myself.

Loaded it into Fulgaz and it is definitely a ramp - not quite the same shape as Xert but as good as.



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Only Xert can do the curvilinear ramps. You’ll notice that exporting any of the XSSR style intervals will make them much harder in other platforms, since they’ll decrease linearly instead of exponentially.

The “best” solution would be to have Xert app control the trainer for the workout & have other platforms (Zwift, Rouvy, etc.) only connect to your power meter and record the power/cadence data and not control the trainer. Then you get all the Xert SMART goodness and curved intervals while still enjoying the visuals of another app. Cheers.

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