Xert workouts synch to Garmin

every time I do a workout with the Xert player on iOS it is exported to strave automatically but not to Garmin. Connections to both are actually set in at the account settings. Any advice what I am doing wrong or why it isn’t exported.


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You cannot export to Garmin directly, you can only import workouts recorded there, using a Garmin device.

The setting you refer to, set on your Xert online profile, doesn’t mention that. So the sentence “Your account is currently linked to Garmin Connect. Activities will automatically be synchronized.”, should be changed.

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I’m surprised that a Xert activity can’t be synched to Garmin Connect. It’s too bad because I like to keep all my activities there.

It’s strange that Zwift does it but not Xert.

Does Xert has plans to add that feature sometimes in the future? That would be really nice

For now, you can manually download any Xert activities (from the top right of the activity details page) and upload that file to Garmin Connect manually.

Thanks Scott. Yes, that’s what I do for now. A bit tedious. Hopefully, it will be automatic later on

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I do this but not a feasible option in the long run. If you are embedded into the Garmin eco system (like I am), this is a must.

That’s up to Garmin not us unfortunately.

Garmin Connect isn’t the best place to aggregate your data since they don’t offer an open platform for everyone. Strava is better for that. You can use Strava with a private account if you don’t wish to have the social features.

Thanks for the feedback Armando.
So I imagine that Xert has asked Garmin if it would be possible.
I use Strava and it takes all activities (running, biking, Xert…). The only drawback is that they have very limited data visualisation and no agregate export capabilities. On Garmin, you can make all sorts of reports which can be exported to csv/xls format.

The main issue for me is health metrics from Garmin activity tracker. Garmin have never really got the benefits of an open platform which is unfortunate.

Im also looking for this functionality…
Maybe www.syncmytracks.com can do some magic with the xert api?