Xert workouts on Wahoo

I have exported a Xert workout in ERG format, imported this in TrainerDay, created a TrainingPeaks integration. Then you can choose the “Send To” option in TrainerDay and send the workout to Trainingpeaks. Set up the Wahoo integration to TrainingPeaks and the workout actually shows up in my Wahoo device. Got this instruction from this forum (linking to a Facebook post). The integration was actually the same for the JOIN program. One thing I noticed when using JOIN and now again with Xert is that TrainingPeaks messes up my watt values (much higher in TrainingPeaks). In TrainerDay, they still are OK. Any thougths on how to prevent this ? See the attached pictures.

Have you set the FTP in Training Peaks to match Xert?

yes, same i both Xert and TrainingPeaks

Your suggestion is actually very good, as this was the issue when using the JOIN system based on HR. I had to set my correct HR in TrainingPeaks to get this working. But somehow it is different for Power ?