Xert Workouts on PC?

Are there any plans to allow workouts to be performed directly from my PC? For whatever reason i could not get the app playing nicely with my kit, and my garmin 810 doesnt have IQ. Is there any particular reason why i cant use my computer as the control point as opposed to my phone or garmin? It doesnt make much sense to me seeing as i can use zwift on my PC.

Is it just that you dont think people need it? or are you busy working on other things?

Hi Oliver,

We already have 4 pieces of software that athlete’s can use: Garmin ConnectIQ, iOS, Android and the Remote Player. Most everyone is covered by these and although it would be nice to have PC and MacOSX apps too, supporting these and all the existing platforms would be impossible for us at this time. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to develop additional software for these.