Xert workouts and Miles in Strava

I know that the # of miles ridden on a Xert indoor workout is a meaningless stat. However, observing that I rode X of miles in a workout motivates me and has a positive feedback effect as i have 4K/5K/year goals.
I also know that choosing a smaller cog equates to more miles.
Trainer road indoor rides show up as # of miles in Strava yet Xert rides dont.

How do I ensure that each ride indicates the number of miles ridden?
Do I need a cadence sensor and/or a speed sensor?

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I guess that depends on your setup. Which trainer and how do you record your session, i.e. head unit or app, and which app, Xert or other? For instance, I have a Neo, an iPhone and an Edge - using either recording device, will give a distance, albeit they usually differ, depending on the recording method/app. Not much, but a up to few kilometers. I have read that there are trainers that will not record distance unless you use (separate?) cadence and/or speed sensors…

Hi @Cyclopaat
I have a Kicker 2018, a Quarq PM on my bike and IOS 13.2 on my Iphone 11 pro.
Currently, I have problems getting the app to work when both the Kickr and Quarq are paired but @ManofSteele made a suggestion that I will try soon.
I also got a cadence thing from Yahoo in hopes that that will help with the mileage. I have not installed yet, I will do so, this weekend.

P.S. I seem to recall you from Sufferfest. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I picked that up in the Facebook group - hope it works for you :+1: And yes, I am a Sufferlandrian Knight living in (voluntary) exile :joy:

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I have been using TR and Xert more these days. But still keeping SF for the Yoga and flexibility stuff for now. Giving this Xert thing a try to see if this works. Now all it has me doing is easy Z1/2 stuff.

Does anyone see # miles traversed in their Strava?

It definitely should work. Just finished this session, which reported a distance of 33km in just over 1 hour.

Power Source: Quarq DFour
Trainer Control: Kickr (1st gen)
Heart Rate: Viiiiva HRM
Cadence: Quarq DFour
Speed: Speed from Power

I assume you have set your target date and goal(s) correctly? And have backloaded about three months of reliable data? Then trust the system…

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Thanks @ManofSteele. I think I figured out the problem. I did not set “Speed = Speed from Power” I will change my setting to match yours. Thank you. I will test it tonight. :slight_smile:

@Cyclopaat Robert, yes. Though the threshold is much lower than Trainerroad and WKO5. Will trust it for now.

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If you have not done so yet, you may try to get a breakthrough to enhance accuracy. Look for workouts with ‘breakthrough’ in the name. Do one of those instead of the prescribed workout for that day, but you need to be - more or less - fresh. If your TL has been as low as you assume / feel, you should be ready to go.

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Thanks Robert. Will do. Jut looked them up. They look to be really hard. Will need to find a time when I am not so tired.

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I have a PowerTap Speed/Cadence sensor and use a CycleOps Magnus Trainer. Miles do show up on Strava with this setup, regardless of the app I use.

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