Xert Workout + Wahoo Systm X Pro ride?

Hi All,

I tried Open Road (Bike the World) to embellish my Xert workouts but I find the car perspective and zero interaction solo rides some what dull.

I really, really like the PRO rides by Wahoo Systm X. So I wonder can I open Xert do the recomended workout but have my power output work in Systm X?

The app only configers Erg Mode Speed Simulation and Erg Power Smoothing. Does this mean I can not use it the same way as Open Road?

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Not sure how SYSTM works but if similar to Zwift you should be able to give trainer control to Xert EBC while the other app connects to power only.

If you want something different to view during a workout you can also watch any YT video.
To do that search the Session Library for a workout of interest, click Schedule, then Media tab and change the YT url to the video of your choice.
Not an interactive experience but the link can be anything available on YT.
You can also edit the Spotify playlist.

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Please read my question.
I do not want to Watch yt.

Does anyone work with Wahoo Systm X combined Xert?

X only offers choice: Erg or grade 1 to 5.

I’d say no if the only options are ERG or Grade. ERG or Grade sounds like it wants to control the trainer, however I’ve never used Wahoo Systm X

Many of our users watch crit racing YT videos. These can evoke a lot of enthusiasm during workouts. Content providers can easily create videos that match our workouts too. YT offers a lot of options for various types of content, content creators and educational/training experiences when used in our session player format.

I will often watch the news in the morning on my rides. :slight_smile:

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If you pair the trainer with Xert and not to Systm X (just pair a power meter), it should work. I don’t think Systm X is for smart trainer users only.

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Perfect! I deconnected Kickr and paired my Rotor Inspider and it works!

Thanks for helping me out!

You may discover that the power recorded by your Kickr is different to that of your actual powermeter… and assuming you want Xert to be based on your power meter (for consistency with outdoors), you may want to fix that…

One simple option is to configure your Kickr (assuming it’s a trainer; am not sure about the bike) to read power from your powermeter (via ANT+, in the wahoo app). That’s what I do.

Otherwise there’s a CABLE device to convert ANT+ to Bluetooth so you can connect both Wahoo X and Xert to your powermeter (one via BT direct, the other via BT converted from ANT+)

@Bosch75 Whats your thoughts on that Inspider? I’ve got the Inpower, not too happy with it. I feel like it under reads hard efforts and sprints. Its consistently 3-6 percent lower than my Direto XR when analyzing on Zwift Power.

Hi [Tarmac_Tree] :sunglasses:

I’m very happy with my Inspider. It works excellent with Shimano rings and off course Rotor rings. It’s Lithium accu lasts for decades. Three charges a year (3 rides a week!). So much better than swapping batteries every 3 weeks on my former Stages powermeter. It’s a really cool meter.

Before the 2022 software update it read HIGHER values than my Wahoo Kickr version 5. Just like the Ausie youtuber Lama noticed about 10 Watts. Look at my comparison even on high outputs I have the opposite experience: higher reads than Kickr!
On the peak Rotor read 995 Watts but Kicker 965 Watts. I believe this due to the construction of an indoor trainer: the spinning wheel momento triggers different / more secundair. While the Rotor crank gets the FULL direct/actual load and registers this perfectly. Averages: Rotor 234 Watts and Kicker 224 Watts.

I have no comparison file on the situation after the software update. I have only looked at it visually real time. It appeared the same but this no scientific check.

My max sprint is about 1250 Watts and Rotor Inspider has read this.

I hope this helps.