Xert workout player vs Tacx Neo Smart 1

Can anyone confirm if the Tacx Neo Smart 1 is compatible with the Xert workout player on iOS? I can’t get the player to control my Neo, so no ERG-mode, while it does see its components, like cadence, power and speed.

Tacx are still working on delivering a firmware update for FTMS standard support on the Neo’s. You many want to contact them for updates. In the meantime, our users are using the CABLE device from NPE to allow our app to control the Neo.

I understand the Neo 2 is FTMS compatible, so that firmware update for the Neo 1 shouldn’t be very hard… read about the CABLE, for now I guess I just stick to the Garmin IQ app with the iPad as a remote player. Although I frequently run into data lags or even freeze-ups of the remote player. Not ideal! Thanks for the reply!

The Remote Player works better with our apps in general. Depending on the Garmin and configuration you have, their can be some lag. Normally not too critical since all the metrics are recorded and calculated on the device and the RP is just showing you the latest info.

I see… I use an Edge 1030 with the IQ-app, and an iMac with the RP superimposed on Zwift. That causes problems regularly as I described. I just ran a short test with the RP separately on the iPad-browser and Zwift on the iMac. No significant lag, I’ll try a full workout the coming days.

I have tried the Neo using a CABLE on iOS several times and ERG mode is very laggy. I know it’s not specifically a Neo issue as other training apps are fine. In fact at the moment if I want to do a Xert workout that includes some shorter or sloping intervals the best method seems to be to export it as an ERG file and use TrainerRoad as the player app.

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I agree. I’ve just gone from a kickr 17 to Neo 2t. The kickr worked beautifully with iOS but the Neo with cable doesn’t. Big lag on some intervals and ridiculously hard to turn the pedals on some intervals. Shame because the trainer is different league to kickr 17.

Do I understand correctly that the Neo 2T would NOT require the CABLE solution?

According to DC Rainmaker: “It (FTMS) is coming this fall. Part of the challenge is that FTMS doesn’t support the rider weight, which is used on the NEO & NEO bike series.”

Yeah I use a Neo1 with a CABLE… The lag is noticeable but for longer intervals over 30seconds it doesn’t really bother me. I find it a nice smooth transition when the watts go up, rather than Zwift which hits you really hard.
However the CABLE does seem to steal some watts from me.
I’ve used the DCR Analyzer extensively and can confirm the watts coming out of my CABLE drops ~6%

The function to manually increase the watts from the Xert app helps this, but it’s something to be aware of.

I noticed the other day that there was a huge lag… Like 15 secs and then boom was struggling to turn the pedals at only about 105% of threshold. Hopefully tacx will fix so it links directly to xert without cable or I’ll just have to turn erg off.

I’ve done only a couple of workouts with the Xert/CABLE combination, but I have not noticed any lag. I didn’t do Tabatas or workouts with (even) short(er) intervals, but normal workouts are just fine. By itself, the Neo has a ~1 second delay, increasing Watts substantially, i.e. from 150 to 350. Other than that, it responds ‘normal’ - I would advice to turn ERG mode off for short interval workouts anyway, which means you will have to gear, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, I always speed up my cadence in advance of a (big) increase, which helps overcome the jump…

Yes, I think it’s just getting used to a different trainer. Kickr 17 worked fine… But it’s nowhere near as good as the 2t. I haven’t done a tabatta style workout yet, but I always erg off for those.

Same problem with my Tacx Vortex Smart on IOS, no trainer control under Bluetooth any other app works with FTMS, but not Xert on IOS
I have to borrow an Android Tablet and use my Tacx with Ant+, that was the only way I can control de trainer and do a workout under Xert.