Xert workout player on Garmin 1030 +, no miles or speed uploaded to Garmin Connect

Indoors, I just tried the Xert Workout Player for the first time, on my Garmin 1030 Plus; it seemed to be working great. But when I finished & it uploaded, there were zero Miles & Speed uploaded to Garmin Connect.
My Garmin automatically uploaded as soon as I competed the Xert ride; to Xert online & Garmin Connect.
I was happy to see that the Garmin actually recored the ride, as well as my Intensity Minutes… when I was only recording in the Xert app & not in the native Garmin interface of the 1030. This seems very cool.

I do have my Exert Online settings to automatically upload to Strava; which it has successfully done previously when I’ve recored using the Xert EBC app on my iPhone. I’d get miles & the cool splash graphic on Strava.

But tonight, with using my 1030 to record & control my ride; Xert online showed me my 14.2 miles as uploaded… and the Xert Workout player was showing me my speed as I rode the workout.

Garmin Connect though, zero speed & miles… which then Garmin Connect forwarded the ride to TrainingPeaks (which did show me as 14.2 miles, surprisingly the file says Garmin in the filename name), Strava with (zero miles/speed & no cool splash graphic) & Intervals.icu (with zero miles/speed).
I like to log my year total miles.

Within the Xert Workout Player on the 1030, I had my Indoor Trainer removed from my 1030 settings, as described in the online setup page on Xert.
It was showing the “Powermatch” as “on”… as I have a Quarq PM & a Kickr Trainer.

One other variable is that I have my Kickr trainer reading my Watts from the Quarq PM via ant+… instead of using the built in PM in the Kickr… only for the logic that it would read the same as when I’m outdoors.

Afterwards, I did look at my 1030 & saw that the “Indoors” profile was the current profile… my logic for checking this is if the GPS was on for an outdoor profile & the 1030 was thinking it needed GPS to track speed/miles. But again, I did not go into the native Indoors Garmin app to record the ride, only the Connect IQ Xert app was running as far as I know.

Is there a setting I need to adjust, so that the 1030 will know the speed/miles that I’m riding?

Are these the instructions you followed? GPS = Off
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Correct, those are the ones I followed.
After thinking about this more, unless a better idea is suggested… my next ride I’m going to not use Powermatch with both my PM & Trainer in the Xert Workout Player app… but instead remove my PM paring from my 1030, then pair the Kickr as a trainer in the 1030. Using Option A… as a “smart trainer only”.
I’m guessing that then when the 1030 records the ride natively (in addition to the Xert app recording), it’ll know how to calculate the speed/distance… where I suspect it doesn’t know how to using Option C with Powermatch & the Trainer not paired within the 1030 trainer function.

Try the mobile app as well. A lot more seamless and easier to use. Also supports the new sessions feature.