Xert Workout Player for Garmin

Why is it not possible to navigate to other screens when using the Xert workout player? Is it because it is a device app? During a long workout ride it might be useful to have access to other fields… As an alternative, are there any plans to add a datafield ‘Target Power’ ?

Hi Ronny,

The workout player was designed to deliver a workout while focusing on a few key variables of interest (interval time, target/actual power, target/actual MPA, and cadence) to avoid crowding the screen on smaller units (Edge 520, etc.); we didn’t design it with the intention to replace the head unit completely. It was necessary for us to design the workouts in our own ConnectIQ standalone app, since only our workout players can leverage the SMART capabilities of our platform, which include changing the target power and interval duration on the fly, depending on how you’re performing the interval.

Hope this helps! Cheers

hi Scott, makes sense. Thanks