Xert workout player cadence bar

Hello Armando!
I’m assuming that the vertical bar to the right of the power bar in xert workout player on garmin 520 is the cadence bar. If I’m wrong, stop me there. It seems to suggest that I ride @ about 60 just about any time I look, staying in the green even in the lower 50’s but going into the blue once I get into the 70’s. I was under the impression that 70’s is about the low extreme of what optimal cadence should be. I’m doing mostly endurance workouts, so pedaling long time near LTP. Do different workouts have different ideal cadences depending on what is being trained.
I find it very difficult to maintain desired cadence and desired power on flat section, as I don’t have a gear that is high enough. Luckily, there aren’t too many flat sections around here.

The optimal cadence algorithm self learns based upon how you change gears, but if you spend long periods out of the saddle or grinding out a climb because you’re out of lower gears, this will throw the learning off temporarily. Return to shifting gears as normal and it will eventually rebalance the calculation.