Xert Workout Import and SMART conversion tool

Introducing the new Xert Workout Import and SMART conversion tool. This new tool allows you to import workouts you may have created or exported from other workout design tools into your Personal Workouts Library. This feature also enables you to convert the workout from using the older %FTP interval definitions into Xert’s advanced SMART interval types using a variety of methods. Click on the link to learn more about what it does.


It’s excellent thank you Armando.

How do you get to this tool?
I just tried but all I see for choices is

I do not see the choices you have on your screenshot

Move one more icon to the right (the little plus sign)!

:sweat_smile: I’m old and slow :rofl: :rofl:
Thank you

Thanks for this @xertedbrain "Armando " this this is a great add on well done!

Is this feature also available for MacOS/iOS? I don’t see it on my desktop or iPadPro

Hi Anthony,

Only available on the web app - hover over the ‘+’ icon in the top right-hand corner to get started. Check the blog post above to learn more about how to convert your imported workout with the various Xert SMART interval types :slight_smile:


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