Xert Workout Freeze on Garmin Edge 830


Tried to run a workout via Garmin as my smart Hometrainer doesn’t connect to Xert directly. After successful start Xert screen froze 3 times after a few minutes. Are there known bugs?


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I’ve fully reset Garmin and activated only latest Xert workout player. Problem still persists. I would appreciate support from Xert on this issue.

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Raise a support ticket

Hi Mo,

Do you have some ConnectIQ data fields installed on the device?

There is a known issue with the Garmin software. Before running our app, try switching to a Garmin profile (Indoor, Race, etc…) that does not have any ConnectIQ data fields installed. If one of your ConnectIQ data fields requires access to background services, it causes a conflict with our app that causes it to freeze, like you described.

Try that out and let me know how it works! Cheers

Hi Scott,

Thnx for your feedback.

After resetting Garmin I only installed:

Strava Routes
Xert Workout player

SPH Graph

I run latest Garmin Firmware and Stages Carbon power meter. Phone is iPhone 11Pro with IOS 13.3.

I will try indoor mode where I don’t have SPH Graph installed, like you suggested.



After removing all Aps & fields except Xert workout player I ran active recovery ride and it did not crash :+1:
However import in auto upload in Strava/Garmin resulted in error. Manual upload in Xert showed only small part of actual ride