Xert workout control from Garmin Fenix

Since it sounds like I can’t easily control Xert and Zwift from my existing devices, does anyone know if there will ever be functionality to control a smart trainer with Xert on a Garmin non-Edge device (i.e. I have a Fenix 5X)? Don’t think I can justify the expense of an Edge just to run my workouts alongside Zwift.

Best to just use your iPhone or Android. It would require a lot of recoding for each wearable to accommodate the different screen formats.

That’s probably what I’ll do. The complexity is it sounds like I can’t run Zwift and Xert from the same iPhone. So that leaves me with (1) using a laptop (not too interested in dragging a laptop to the garage every time I spin), (2) getting a Garmin Edge device to run Xert, (3) or no Zwift. I guess #3 is really the only real option at this point. If I really get into Xert maybe I’ll just grab a cheap Garmin device that can control my Kickr over ANT+ since Zwift will be taking up the BLE connection. Let me know if I’m missing any other options…

Scratch that, just bought a Garmin 520. Guess I’ll run it side by side with my Elemnt.