"xert" word behind activity name in strava

Is possible to remove word xert behind activity when automaticaly uploaded to Strava - e.g. Difficult Polar Road Sprinter Ride - Xert ? Its all right when ride was done with xert app, but I get this to all workouts. I tried to disable it at xert by Show Breakthroughs and Workouts on Strava, but it did not work.


If you sync from Xert to Strava you can just change the activity name in Xert and it updates in Strava… is that what you mean?
For outdoor rides I’d be renaming anyway for Strava so don’t see it as a hassle

Its automatic sync from Xert to Strava, so as soon as workout uploaded to Xert, it is synced to Strava. And if I change name in Xert, its not changed in Strava, because it was already synced.

If you only sync from Xert to Strava, i.e. you record all your workouts with the Xert app, this is how it is. They can obviously remove it though :sunglasses: BTW, if you have a Garmin and sync from Garmin to Xert (and Xert to Strava), you get the same. Xert does the analasys before it goes to Strava. In that scenario, you can avoid that by syncing from Garmin to Strava, because that will be processed before Xert does its magic. You will lose the BT report, obviously…

Thank you for reply Robert. I thought that there may be some function to remove this in xert…
It as you say, I could go from Garmin directly to Stava and then to Xert, but I would loose some metrics, included distance. I will edit it manually in Strava for now and when weather and coronavirus allow I will ride outdoor, where I will not use Xert player, only datafields, so there will not be need for syncing directly to Xert, but I will go Garmin->Strava->Xert. Thank you

Nope, Xert adds that and they can remove it. Not sure why they add it - could be to distinguish Xert player rides, whereas it is impossible to not add it for other activities, or just as some ‘advertising’ Xert thing…

Hmmm… I sync from garmin to Xert, Xert to Strava, and if I change the name in Xert (go into the activity detail via dashboard, not via planner) it updates the name in Strava automatically… am I the only one?

Works here too.
Open activity from dashboard, edit title, save (checkmark icon), then click View on Strava and the title there loses “- Xert” and displays whatever edit you made even if you just add a space at the end.
However, why exactly would one care if “- Xert” is included in the first place?
Isn’t Xert the author of the workout regardless where you use it?
Strava also shows device source for the workout.


There was a reference to ANY workout, not just created or registered by Xert. Personally, I don’t mind, but compare it to Garmin adding ‘- Garmin’ on synced workouts to Strava.

Editing title at Xert workouts is exactly, where I dont see any need for that. It is at those non-xert workouts, where would make more sense. When I ride outdoor I dont use xert app, when doing indoor ride I use diffent platforms (BigRingVR, VeloReality,FulGaz), so why there should be -xert at every title? Is it a big deal? Absolutely not, its very minor thing, but I would prefer to have correct names, if possible. Why not.

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While I see some workouts in Strava listed with “- Xert” that did not originate from Xert, there is always some Xert related action noted when the workout/ride is viewed in Strava.
For example:
Thu, m/d/yyyy Morning Ride: nothing special, no link to Xert
Fri, m/d/yyyy Morning Ride - Xert: Breakthrough: BRONZE with link to view the activity on Xert
Is that the common denominator or should I be able to find entries that have nothing to do with Xert?

When you - exclusively - sync ride activities from Xert to Strava, there will always be ‘- Xert’ in the title. Also, there will always be a summary in the description field, starting with ** Xert Cycling Summary **. The link to the Xert activity will only be added on BT events.

I’m pretty sure it is not possible (for Xert) to add any additional info or a link, if the activity is synced from Garmin to Strava and from Garmin to Xert, unless the Garmin sync to Strava fails or times out and Xert gets it in first.

Yep fully agree
Though if you do that you will have to edit the ride name twice (one in each platform) if you want it to be meaningful in both Xert and Strava.
Hence garmin to Xert, Xert to Strava, and rename in Xert is simplest. As mentioned before, the push to Strava only happens if you update via the activity detail (in dashboard), not via planner. (You don’t actually need to click ‘view in Strava’ either in my experience).

this applies only for Xert rides, when editing non-xert workouts title, it will not be renamed in Strava

For me it works for all rides
Maybe try disconnecting from Strava and reconnecting. Read something about Strava sync issues a while back

You cannot get rid of the ‘- Xert’ addition by editing the automatically created title in Xert, as it is only amended to the Strava title. You can edit the title in Xert, change it to something that has not been automatically generated and then save that - it will then reflect to Strava, without the ‘- Xert’ addition.

If you sync (non Xert) from Garmin to Xert and from Xert to Strava, you can also edit the title in Xert (change it to something else than the auto generated title) and that change will also get to Strava, dropping the ‘- Xert’ addition.

However mine is setup and working, I’m happy with it. :smiley:
I’ve got loads of Garmin initiated road rides with no mention of Xert in title or summary.
Similar rides with “- Xert” added to title mention breakthrough in summary with link to Xert.
So at some point I must have followed these instructions –

It’s not that difficult - to get the Xert reports, sync from Garmin to Xert and from Xert to Strava. However, how you get Garmin only road rides to sync to Xert, then to Strava, without ‘- Xert’ added to them, remains a mystery to me. Imho, it’s all or none, lest I’m missing something…

I also find this very annoying. For Xert workouts, it makes perfect sense. But for outdoor rides that had nothing to do with Xert, it’s a nuisance.

I would like Xert to keep its hands off of the Strava activities (for reasons explained in another thread), but unfortunately there is only a single button for “Show Breakthroughs and Workouts on Strava”. Given that Xert can’t upload workouts to Connect when using Android, it seems you must either accept that you won’t get the workouts on Strava either, or that Xert will plaster " - Xert" over your non-Xert rides. This seems like a completely unnecessary problem…