Xert website not loading after update

Hi, since the recent changes to the xert website some parts of the website including the “My fitness” section do not load/aren’t displayed anymore.

Tested with two browsers, Qutebrowser (WebKit) and Brave (Blink); I was just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issues and if the problem is know and being worked on.

Hi Lukas,

Not seeing any issues here using Chrome or Safari. You can perhaps try these or also try clearing your cache. This shouldn’t be required but we haven’t tested with either of the two browsers you are using. You may also try using your phone’s browser and if you continue to have issues, reach out to support@xertonline.com.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, I was able to locate the problem: I am using a hosts blacklist for my /etc/hosts file and something on that list blocked the new Xert site from properly loading.

So with /etc/hosts disabled everything works as it should, I couldn’t isolate the problem however, i.e. I don’t know what on the blacklist caused the problem.

edit: I isolated the culprit: google-analytics.com.

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