Xert vs. Today's Plan: looking forward to make a decision

I had the choice of testing one month of Xert as per a friend’s recommendation. I loved the fitness progression, analysis tools (not as profuse as Today’s Plan, gotta say) and the training recommendations along with the useful structured training that Xert brings, all downloadable to Zwift.

I also rode the latest Zwift Academy 2019 edition and I had the chance to test Today’s Plan features. I liked it in general terms. I loved the complete set of data and also the great analysis tools you bring to every ride completed. Recently, by researching online and reading forums, I got to know Today’s Plan also provides structured trainings as part of a training plan (I haven’t tested these yet, so I am not sure if I can download these to Zwift).

I am now deciding on what will be my training platform from now on. I simply plan to stick to one single platform. I am a data nerd and I love to measure and analyze my progress based on real numbers (numbers tell stories, it’s a fact!), as well as riding my course of action on a daily basis. So I would like to open a conversation about the pros and cons of both. I am sure your comments and recommendations would definitely help me in making my decision clear. THANKS!

Hi Cesar

I have used TrainerRoad, Today’s Plan, Zwift and now Xert for a 4 months. Everyone is different (I am an enthusiast not a racer, more focus on Fondos), but for me I love the instant feedback on performance when using Xert. I am not a robot when it comes to training so I like the flexibility of Xert and mapping my time available with the improvement I will see. I think TrainerRoad & Today’s Plan are similar in that if you have a pretty fixed schedule and can consistently train then you will get results. However I did not like having to do Ramp Tests/FTP tests to get an indication on how you are improving. A secondary bonus when using a Garmin device is running Xert MPA fields on your outdoor rides which give you instant feedback on your current performance

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Just to throw in some thoughts on this:
Xert: better, more user-friendly interface, also much faster website (I don’t know why this is but today’s plan is soo slow on my computer), the whole idea of MPA and different method of tracking fitness (assuming these are useful), easier FTP testing (assuming that this method is as accurate as others)
today’s plan: possibility of using/creating specific structured training plans which build up to an event not just create workouts; the possibility of including other sports like running and swimming (!), using triathlon training plans

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Hi Nunya,

You’re likely being prescribed some high intensity work because you have a (relatively) high training load. To maintain your training load (especially if there are time restraints on riding), intensity needs to be used to maintain your improvement rate. Additionally, a high training load typically indicates that you’ve already accumulated quite a deep base, and that you can handle the intensity being prescribed without becoming too fatigued. In this way, Xert will begin to shift your training from Endurance towards your selected athlete type. HTH


Its important to remember that unless you continually increase the amount of time that you have to ride, eventually your weekly training time will become a limiter. In this case, you need to add intensity to increase the average XSS/hr and maintain your improvement rate. If you only did low intensity base endurance riding without having enough volume (hours), you’re actually going to lose fitness. So it’s best to have the intensity to keep your fitness up. Hope this makes sense.

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