Xert understimating my FTP

I am an Oly/HIM triathlete following a structured training plan under a coach guidance. My main goal in cycling for this season is to increase FTP to 300w. This year we wanted to try out Xert as our main cycling tool for evaluation and planning. We started doing so November 9 with the start of the season. Although my main focus this preseason has been running (50-60 km a week) we’re starting to work slowly towards harder cycling sessions. In order to “test” Xert, I performed a 20 min FTP test on November 19. Result was 287 w NP for 20 min, thus we estimated FTP 272w, pretty much what I expected for the beginning of the season. As you can see, Xert was quite accurate estimating my FTP after this workout at 279w. My coach and I decided to use 275w as our FTP in order to determine power zones (we’re in a transition between using the traditional method and Xert). The thing is that ever since then, I have seen a steady DECLINE of my FTP on Xert almost workout after workout. I feel stronger… hell I am stronger after two months. Today, I did 4 x 15m at 280w with “ease”. In fa ct, I think that my FTP has increased considerably… yet XERT tells me I am still at 265w. It also tells me I am really tired almost after every workout (and obviously it’s not even taking into account my running or swimming sessions). So Xert is really NOT being useful for me at the moment. Any ideas of what’s going on? Thanks! Here’s my progression chart: Progression

Hi Eduardo. There are a couple of things you can do to address these issues. By default, Xert expects you to “keep your signature honest” by doing regular maximal efforts in your training. These don’t have to be full tests but just efforts that help the system see what your real fitness numbers are. If you’re not planning or don’t desire to do these sorts of efforts, on the home page / Advanced tab, you can set the Signature Decay Method to No Decay. This is a new option that will have Xert attempt to track the ups-and-downs of your signature parameters without testing. I wouldn’t recommend you have it there all the time but during times when you’re doing mostly base training, it can be a useful change. Change it back to Original when you’re into higher intensity periods where the system will maintain your signature with your maximal efforts.

Ragarding training load, yes the system will infer that you’re tired when it doesn’t have awareness of all th e direct/indirect training you’re doing. You can either just use the XPMC data and ignore the colours and freshness rating or add in your data manually to get a better interpretation.

Hello Armando, first of all my very best wishes to you and your familiy for 2018 !

Somewhat similar issues for me, I started to work on Base period since mid November, so I avoid maximal efforts in my training. So I also see drop in FTP in Xert although I am convinced I have improved my condition the last 2 months. I see this for example by doing the same workouts from power perspective but with in average 10 bpm lower heart beat. This is also reflected in my VO2 max which has increased with 3 since beginning Nov according to my Garmin Fenix5. So with your explanation above I understand FTP might be wrong but due to that I might work on somewhat too low wattage during workouts ?? I might adjust like you said above until I get into the build period of my training plan.

I am a Grand Fondo rider although I have put my profile different since I want to improve more on climbing etc… I am used to have rather high training loads in the past. Xert thinks I am very tired all the time the last wks although I don’t feel very tired? How can I correct this? because I only get adv ise to do recovery training which I don’t follow but I would love to see which work outs would be proposed in case of not being very tired. My Garmin Fenix 5 show I am in optimal training load, and I only need 24h or less recovery after each workout.
Thanks for your support!

Thank you Johan. All the best to you too.

I would suggest you make some adjustments to get better training load data. Using the Advanced section, change the Signature Decay Method to No Decay. You’ll want to use this during long periods of base training. Then go back to your last good breakthrough activity and remove/re-sync it to get Xert to recalculate your progression from that point forward using the No Decay option. You’ll likely notice differences in XSS and Training Loads as a result. Make a note to switch back to Original as you move to Build. (Technically you could stay with No Decay so long as you don’t perceive a drift between your signature variables and perhaps start missing breakthrough efforts).

Thanks a lot Armando! I will try that indeed

Just Some feedback. I did first what you proposed above but my last good breakthrough was from first half september. I had Some lower volume second half sept and Oct and started base training in Nov. So,I was not fully trusting that sept breakthrough result. So I have put back to normal calculations and went for a breakthrough workout todday. FTP almost 10% up and HIE up 87%, and I did not go until exhaustion. This brings me almost on same level of that breakthrough in first half september so both approaches seems to be ok. I Will however keep the normal calculation on and perform for reminder of my base training min 1 breakthrough effort every 3 wks

Armando, I have re-upload all my rides and my TP has gone up to “Unreasoanbly” high and Xert said that I am Untrained too. How can I fix this issue?

Check the FAQ on this. Generally speaking, there is either a data anomaly that should be addressed or you lack an activity with a good expression of your peak power.