Xert training pacer

Why does my Xert Training Pacer show different values and suggested workouts under My Fitness and Fitness Planner for the same day?

Today I have in “My Fitness” following:
Training Deficit 30XSS, estimated training 0.4hrs, workout goal 102XSS
The Training Pacer is at around 12 a clock.

When looking in the Fitness Planner for today I get:
Training Surplus 95XSS, estimated training break 1.1 days, optional workout 110XSS
The Training Pacer is at 1 a clock

Why is there a difference in these? It’s the same date.
Which one should I look at?

That is quite normal. One is based on current time, the other is based on an assumption you are training at a fixed time each day.

Mine is 123XSS (2 hours) shortfall and the other is 75XSS (1.5 hours) shortfall.

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Can you change this assumption time? For instance, i get up at 5am to do my ride and I look at the advice. my workout usually starts around 05:30. if i look at my xata advice after i’ve started my ride it seems to update with new deficit/surplus numbers. i’m assuming this is because when it looks back at that point in time, it takes into account my historic workouts at 05:30am. it would be good if this was already baked into the system so at 5:00 I could see what my deficit would be when it updates to ensure i am getting the right amount of training.


05:00 training surplus 53xss, activity is optional
05:45 training deficit 83 you need to train etc

The suggested workout at 05:00 would be different than the workout post 05:30.