Xert training outdoor use with Garmin

I believe in algorithm trainingplans, this is why I signed up for a premium Xert subscription.
Now I want to do a recommended training outdoor and use my Garmin 1040 as dashboard. I installed the Xert player and thought go go go… but the bar is so small that it is difficult to keep the recommended power. I think that this is more for indoor use… next I thought well import into Garmin connect but I could not manage…
I know Im doing something wrong but dont know what… I do not have a computer or laptop, so import into “new files” is not possible and I think that this is mot needed for a software platform like this…
Hope one of you here could help me by telling me what I do wrong… many thanks……

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You can install Xert Connect IQ data fields to watch while riding to a target focus duration point. This doesn’t require trying to follow a structured workout. However, there is structure to the ride including a rough watt target for intervals, Focus point to reach, and XSS goal for the day.

Reference –
How do I install, configure, & update the Xert Garmin ConnectIQ Apps? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Adding, updating and troubleshooting Garmin datafields & apps – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Understanding ‘Focus’ and how to use it – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Simulated ride to focus outdoors –
Ride to Xert's Focus Metric with Scott - YouTube

Hi Ridgerider, thank you for your help, I dont think I explanned myself correct, appologies for that. I purchased Xert just because of the algorhytm workouts and the plan behind, so just putting the datafields is not enough.
My question is dat the Xert dash for riding workouts is not that good to see as the bars are very small and if possible, I want to push the selected workout to Garmin connect as the Garmin dashb is perfect to follow and see what you are doing. Join cycling is doing this perfectly, (see link which you can set to English) and want to know how to do this with Xert workouts for which Im sure you can…

Many thanks…