Xert TP

Hi Armando. I don’t understand how xert gets your Tp from much shorter efforts. I’ve read even 2-4 minute hard efforts to exhaustion. But obviously a effort that short and hard would include a substantial amount of anaerobic effort. Ftp is supposedly your best aerobic effort for approx a hour.
Also the what’s my ftp app seems to just sit at 200w since the first ride after I downloaded it?

TP contributes to your efforts even at very short durations. If you play around with the calculator, you’ll see that, with sufficient precision, TP can be derived from even efforts below 60s. It’s a matter of discovering how you fatigue and its rate of change. Those with higher TP will fatigue slower at all durations.

Wrt the app, it will start at a value roughly 100-150W below your best FTP. If there was an error in your data and the starting value is too high, remove and reinstall the app to reset it.