Xert to Strava sync strips all laps and that's too bad

Is anyone else seeing this? I wish it would get fixed.

I sync from my Garmin, to Garmin Connect, which then hits Xert, and then to Strava.

All the laps are in the file once it gets to GC, but the laps are gone in Xert of course, and then gone in Strava as well.

I would love to keep those lap markers.

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Old tread: Showing laps in activities

If you go from Garmin to Strava to XERT then the laps will still show in STRAVA.

Then you might as well connect Strava to Garmin (from Strava) and keep Garmin to Xert sync. Not sure, but I seem to remember there was an advantage to syncing from Garmin to Xert. In any case, in either scenario, you will lose the extra data Xert adds when it syncs to Strava, but if laps (in Strava) are more important, so be it. Why is that important anyway, as you already have them in Garmin?

Yes I could do it that way, but then lose the info Xert hands off to Strava, which is cool.

I don’t understand the decision to strip the lap data as it goes to Strava. Fine if the minds behind Xert think laps have no utility, but why strip the data?

There are sections in a ride where making a lap marker helps you to understand what was going on during the ride.

It would be like saying “it’s a book. All the words are there. Why do you need chapters?”

I agree, it would be handy to have that data in Xert too. On the other hand, it is available, just not in Xert :sunglasses: There’s always something missing, somewhere. I’m on intervals.icu which is useful and incredibly versatile on its own, but requests for additional functionality pour in daily…

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