XERT Threshold Power way off!

Used Xert for a couple of years but not sure will continue… just did a 20min test at 248w. But Xert showing TP as 270… I’d be lucky to hold that number for a few minutes!
Anyone else experiencing the same?.. the app is unfortunately worthless to me if I can’t trust the figures as it means I will be training wrong.

Flag it if you don’t agree with the results.
When was your last BT prior to that ramp test?
What is decay set to?
What type of efforts normally generate BT events for you? Check your XPMC chart for details.

Reference –
Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Hi @daveheard8, just a few comments/considerations for you…

  • Are you using the same power source indoors as outdoors? You have a few BT’s earlier that would suggest a higher TP is definitely possible (assuming the power source is the same).

  • Secondly, your training status was Very Tired when you started the test. I know I would definitely not be able to achieve a 20 min power best when I have red stars. In fact you’ve been training in the red quite a bit recently - might be beneficial for you to take a recovery week (dramatically reduce your IR for at least a week and allow yourself to freshen up). Continuing to train hard when you’re already tired can potentially lead to overtraining or burnout :frowning:

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Indoor power via wahoo kickr/Zwift and outdoor power via Assioma pedals… they are usually fairly similar readings.
the TP seems to even keep going up after endurance/ non BT rides…
I hadn’t updated the tiredness level so wasn’t -20 at time of test, but will still take a rest week then reassess.

TP should go up with an increase in TL over time. This is especially evident when Decay Method is set to No Decay (TL matched).
BTs are validation points where you have fully expressed your signature under fatigue (MPA drawn down). A BT event indicates calculated values are significant enough to warrant an adjustment. That can be up or down dependent on type of max effort. You may also experience a Near BT which means your signature is dialed in OR you were very close to a BT event if you had something left in the tank at that moment.

Post your XPMC chart for the year so we can see trend lines that explain you signature changes.
If you disable Recovery Load the TL line will be more pronounced.

Looks like you were able to hit some pretty good numbers without much training. Training Load is 30 and you had some pretty big breakthroughs. Is 30 a realistic training load? If not, the system will overestimate the effect of your most recent training and likely overestimate your current signature. The system won’t overestimate without some explanation in your data.

Yes TL was accurate, BT’s made when I was fresh… now TL is higher am never as fresh in comparison but even the planned efforts are no better power wise so why would TP raise up to a point that is beyond my vo2 and more like z6…

The system applies the pattern that it sees in your historical data to extrapolate what your numbers are.

Looking at all the red on your chart, it’s indicative that you’re able to train much more than your training load and drive the RL load very high. This suggests that you’re far more trained that what shows in your data and would explain why your historical data isn’t representative of your current fitness. This can be adjusted by our technical staff. Reach out to support for assistance. support@xertonline.com

To answer “is anyone experiencing the same” the answer is “unlikely”. Being able to hit very high numbers without training is very uncommon.

As a side note, that chart will be much easier to read in landscape mode or better yet view the page on a PC/laptop.

Noticed the decay setting was set to minimal so set it to optimal… maybe this will help even things out over the next few weeks… if there’s any other status setting to check please advise. Thanks all.

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