Xert tags on Strava rides

I am very annoyed by the way some of my Strava rides are tagged by Xert when they are imported (mystravaride becomes mystravaride - xert). Thing is only happens sometimes and I have no idea when or why it happens. I would have no problem at all with a training session done through Xert being tagged but there is absolutely no reason a ride I do outside and upload manually myself to Strava should have any reference to Xert whatsoever! Please explain when and why this is happening and if possible turn it off. TrainerRoad does a similar thing but ONLY with rides done using their app.

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The auto update feature helps you identify breakthrough activities you managed to do. You can turn this off and revert all updates using the Strava page.

Not sure I understand. I have noticed this behavior before the auto update was implemented. I would log into Xert, manually sync with Strava and then have Xert tag various rides. I will turn off the auto update now but I am expecting the same thing to happen when I manually sync later. Really annoying today when I uploaded my ride to Strava, named the ride and entered a fairly detailed description only to have Xert overwrite everything with “morning ride - xert”. I will turn off auto update now but if can clarify further that would be great. And as I said before I find the behavior in general quite annoying.

It is off by default. You may have enabled it in error during the account setup process. After an activity gets analyzed the name and description are updated on Strava when a breakthrough is determined. You can easily revert and disable this feature on the Strava page.

What do you refer with “Strava Page” ? I synced 2 year of ride data, and bunch of them have xert tag with edited description. You need that much to be heard ? Do not tell me to edit them manually…

On the Sync menu, there is a link for Strava. This is the Strava page. At the top, you have a button to revert all changes and a switch to turn the feature on and off. Use your mouse to review to tooltip over these for a description of what they do.

Thanks for the explanation, i was a bit emotional yesterday. So. I tried what you told, i got the message “Revert Strava Update is now processing.” But nothing happened yet, it has been 12 hours since. Best regards.

We’ll have a look. Have your activities been properly reverted on Strava?

No, bunch of them is like; Sunday Ride - Xert and with the link on description. I switched the service off, but the revert button doesn’t seem working for now.

Should be fixed.

Yes, they are reverted now. Thanks a lot for the effort.