Xert stopped syncing to Strava

Hello everybody.
For the past couple of days my xert activities have not automatically synced to Strava.
Both the boxes are check off in the sync page for Strava.
It has been working fine until a couple of days ago. I have manually uploaded the fit files to Strava, but this is a pain. I want my activities to sync as it should and has in the past.
I am using android phone and remote player on PC and casting to a tv while watching Youtube.
My free trial is ending in a week. Now I am questioning if I should subscribe or not. But having said that, I did send a support email about another issue and Scott sorted that out for me fairly quickly, which I liked.
Any help would be great.

Have you tried resyncing? Are you also syncing to Strava from other platforms?
What do you plan to use if you don’t subscribe?
IMO Xert is at a disadvantage with a 30 day trial. While you can see what’s different about Xert you can’t fully experience all the benefits in 30 days.
Have you had a chance to watch all the Academy videos?
Xert Academy Videos - YouTube

Yes I tried reysncing, but did not work.

No other platforms being used for the ride other than remote player.

I have used “Mywhoosh” which is totally free and no subscription required. I did like it and it challenged me. I was thinking of Trainer Road, but then found Xert which I think I would like better.

I have seen some of them but not all.

If resync did not work and no other apps like Zwfit, etc. are pushing activities to Strava I suggest you contact support@xertonline.com.

Thanks @ridgerider2 . I will try another workout tonight and see what happens.
If no sync, then yes I contact support. I just don’t want to be a pain in the arse with them.

So I did another work out last night.
It synced to Strava as before with no issues.
What I did was turn off everything and then saved my workout from my android phone.
Could it have been something to do with the order of the closing other running programs?
Maybe, I don’t know.