Xert smart workouts on Tacx neo

Can somebody help me to configure:
I want to ride a smart workout from Xert on my Tacx neo. I have a Garmin Edge 1030 and an Iphone.
I want that the suggested power can change depending on the fitness …

The Xert app on iPhone will control the Neo with Xert’s smart workouts.

Download Xert’s IOS app. Open the app and go to settings. Connect trainer control to the Neo. Also connect cadence, power and HR from whatever Bluetooth sensors you have. A Neo can usually handle cadence for you. Go to “Train” in the app. Pick your workout. Hit the start arrow. The Garmin isn’t necessary if you have the app.

Good luck

Thank you for the answer. When I do so and I tap on ‘Trainer control’ the screen stay white (no recognizing?) When I tab on ‘Power source’: connecion with Neo is done and I see the wattage. I can now ride a workout. But is it normal that the screen by ‘Trainer control’ stay white?

The only thing I can think of is to make sure the Neo is not connecting to the phone’s Bluetooth away from the Xert app. Go to settings>bluetooth.

Also, try deleting the Xert player and reinstalling.