Xert Segment Hunter

I have uploaded the segment hunter to my Garmin 520, but when riding my chosen Strava segments are never located. Any advice? Thanks in advance. :grin:

Hi George, have you signed into your Xert account through GCM (or Garmin Express via computer)?
Additionally, have you set up which segments you want to be synced to your headunit? This can be done from SYNC --> segments page.

Once you have signed in, be sure your phone is connected to your Edge 520 and has internet access to fetch segments. Once the segments have been fetched (should take no longer than 5 min from when you start an activity), you can ride without your phone/internet access and the segment hunter should identify your selected segments. Hope that helps!

Hi Xert, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have synced the segments using the segments page. However, I’m not sure how I’ve signed into Xert. Which of the two methods you discuss should I use? Thanks again, George

If you usually sync your Garmin through your phone, I would use that method. Have you been able to place the segment hunter data field onto an activity profile?

If you need further help, please check the FAQ titled “Im having trouble with the segment hunter” and follow the instructions provided there!


Thanks again for your prompt reply. I have placed the segment hunter in my Garmin on an activity profile alongside other Xert data fields. All other fields work, but the segment hunter has repeatedly failed to pick-up the selected segments. Can you help? Thanks

What message do you see on the screen?

Bonjour Armando si c es pareil que moi il a marque PROWLING et en plus tout les dix 10km il me mais un compte rendu de ces dernier

Bonjour Laurent. Does this advice help you? http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/im-having-trouble-with-the-segment-hunter/

bonjour armando je doit connecte strava et garmin connect ou l’un et l’autre a xert merci de votre reponse

Only one. If you choose Garmin, you can enable Xert to send your activities to Strava by choosing “Xert to Strava”.