Xert Segment Hunter not Loading Strava Segments


I can’t get xert to load my Strava segments (even after multiple re-connections of my account with Strava). Everything else works, i.e. workouts are synced from Strava, but xert seems to be not able to find my starred segments (which I have about 20-30) in Strava.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I just checked and I noticed the list was outdated, so I re-initiated a sync and it worked fine. So, I cannot offer any help, but it seems that ‘in general’ this feature is working…

i am having exactly the same problem

Hi all. Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Some of them are indeed importing now, but not all of them. Are there restrictions on which segments sync to xert?

Hi all, same for me. I can’t update it, it crashes every time even after redone the synchronization with Strava multiple times. I have quiet a lot of segments though, I don’t know if it matters…