Xert running + Stryd + workout on Garmin Fenix watch

Hi All,

Only recent I am the proud owner of a Stryd footpod.
I am using Xert already for Cycling and Rowing and now also for running.
My question is how can execute an Xert workout on my Garmin Fenix watch using power from the connected Stryd footpod.
So it not about recording of a running workout.
It is syncing an Xert (advised) running workout to my Garmin watch so I can follow it during my running session.
Thanks for your support!

Gr Johan B

Hi, I answered this to a similar question a while back - Cycling and Running (again) - #14 by mikew

I have the same setup as you now and have been using the stryd garmin app and powercenter workouts which are pretty decent, admittedly it’s another monthly expense though.

Hi Mike.

Yes, currently I use powercenter and the Stryd workouts to.
But my free Stryd subscription is only valid for half a year.
And I dont feel like paying for Stryd and Xert.
So now I am trying to get everything in Xert, also workouts and running them from my Garmin without the need of an additional Stryd subscription :slight_smile:

Gr Johan B