XERT Remote Player with Macbook OSX laptop

can I use Xert with my macbook laptop / OSX (specifically NOT an iOS phone or ipad) using the remote player function? I have a wahoo kickr that I want to use along with the SMART sessions, am I right in assuming its simply a case of plugging my ant+ dongle into my laptop and having Xert control the resistance on my Kickr?


At the moment, the iOS app (or Android/Garmin apps) control the KICKR. The Remote Player just displays the data that the apps are sending back to your account.

ok cool. so if i want to track the workout elevation on screen (not just the guage as per iphone), I need my iphone plugged in with xert and iConnect running, plus my Garmin Edge with Xert, and also my laptop with xert remote player? Which of the iphone/edge520 controls my KICKR power in this scenario and do i need both? Ive just done a 2hr session that has no distance or no power data, only duration, even though the remote player displayed all the changes on screen. pretty disappointing.

I have a similar query - I’ve got an ant+ stick in my PC [WIndows], which transmits power, HR etc to apps such as Trainerroad and Zwift from my power meter and HR strap, but it doesn’t pick it up on the Xert platform. You say that’s just a player on PC/iOS and it needs to be picked up via the Android/iOS app, but my phone and tablet don’t have Ant+. So is this platform a waste of time and money for me, as I won’t be able to play the workouts while they record my power/HR, and therefore get no benefit from the Smart workouts?

Ive tried it using pc and ANT+ stick aswell and had the same frustration. It currently has too many interoperability issues to be my go-to platform, I have Xert rides that look fine in Xert after some fiddling about, but then they have literally no data when exported to Strava or Training Peaks. You shouldt have to rely on using a mobile or garmin for your indoor trainers connection, people dont want to have 4 pieces of technology running to run one single platform, its crazy.

Xert is very much a beta stage product at the moment, albeit a really promising one, the set up is really convoluted and doesnt guarantee any level of success, neither does it play nicely with other platforms like Training Peaks or Strava. I’ll be sticking with those until its sorted but i’ll definitely be back.

Adam/David, most of our users simply turn on their Garmin, iOS or Android and run the workout. All integrate seamlessly with the training advisor. I would suggest just running a workout or two with these apps. Often there is no need for viewing the workout details on a big monitor. However, when/if you do prefer to see the workout details on a larger screen, you can bring up the Remote Player with your PC/Mac/Tablet etc. to view the workout as it’s playing. It is optional. You can pop out the windows and watch a movie at the same time. Or you can even ride on Zwift (see our blog on running Xert with Zwift http://baronbiosys.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-training-with-xert-and-zwift/). Your coach or teammate can even watch your Remote Player. So although this is different than running a dedicated app, it provides a lot of new opportunities and ease of use for many users. Do checkout our latest FAQ on setting up your Android with your Smart trainer (link to FAQs is on the menu).

I’ve just tried to do android controlled ride but no data came up and the kicks didn’t seem to be running off the phone, I have the dongle and so forth and had checked all the trainers and HR and cadence sensors etc. The kicker seemed to be seen a number of times, maybe I need to turn off the bluetooth? Do I need to disable Trainerroad even though not planning a TR session? Also Couldn’t calibrate the KICKR through the app. I just did a TR session instead but have a recovery to do later for which I will have another go.

Be sure all other apps are not connected to the trainer. You will need to calibrate the trainer outside the app at the moment.

I did a recovery ride today, eventually got it to work but after turning off Bluetooth, scanning and ticking appropriate boxes and choosing cycling, I found the devices options kept defaulting to off, or at least spontaneously unticking choices. Then the ride saved to Strava as a swim with 13 second/100m! I’m waiting to be asked to the next olympics😀

Try restarting the app. Ensure you start a CYCLING activity (not just configuring the sensors for it).

I’ve got mine working with a USB OTG adaptor, which is great. Did my first activity today - can I sync Xert workouts to Strava, as opposed to syncing Strava to Xert? It doesn’t automatically appear on Strava

When you tap the Activity on the Activity Log, you can slide down and tap the Strava button. This will configure connectivity to Strava and will upload activities once completed.

Thanks Armando, I do appreciate how quickly you reply! All done!