Xert Remote Player lag

Is anyone experiencing remote player lag when hooked up with Garmin 820 IQ Connect? It lags for almost 3-5 seconds when compare to Garmin and sometimes it completely goes on halt for more than a minute. Could anyone advice whether this is a software issue, or I need better hardware? Below are the hardware I setup for Xert.

Garmin 820 + Iphone 7 Plus + IMAC (2019) w/ broadband connection 1.5m

Hi Harry. It does appear to be Garmin related since we don’t see the same lag with the Android or iOS app. If there is a pattern you can see, let us know so we can look into it further.

I have same problem. Lag from Garmin 1030 to anything else, iPad or Mac is usually 2-20 secs.

+1 Garmin 820 w/a Mac Mini

Ironically, we haven’t seen these issues with the older Edge 520’s and Edge 1000’s. We’ve spend a bunch of time trying to workaround the issues that exist on some Garmins but have not had success. We’ve reached out to Garmin to look into it but have not had much success with them at this stage. Doesn’t seem to be a consistent repeatable problem. If you reset the 1030, there are no issues … until there are and then you’re stuck. Really tough one.

Suggest to just stick with the apps for now if you’re having issues with the RP.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you.

No problem, I’m using the app with rthe remote player. I’m happy with it! :slight_smile: