Xert recommended running workout

I import both bike (with power) and run (without power) into my account. I haven’t been following the Xert recommendations recently (following Garmin Suggested bikes and runs on my fenix 6 to see how it works), but checked today and Xert recommended a running workout. Is this something new?

That’s not a running workout. It’s a cycling one. A climbing workout to be precise.

Running the hills doesn’t actually mean running but a cycle run.

I guess the description confused me. The description calls out running multiple times, “run the hills”, “#run” and is called “RUN SMART”. :man_shrugging:

I just searched the workouts with “#run” and there are numerous running workouts all tagged #run.

Hi Brian,

Those workouts likely from the Run Smart coaching community. They’re not available as part of the main Xert library.

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Hi, now that it is possible to have running and cycling in the same account (still separated) I was wondering if there are going to be running workouts available that can be used with a Garmin watch?


We’ll be leveraging the new multi-sport capabilities as the platform evolves. We have many ideas and new features in mind such as what you describe that would improve the experience for runners. Just a matter of time and effort to get them done with all the other things that we need to do that are important too.


Nice to hear its on the road map, for me personally if this is in place Xert will be the best app in the market. Somehow running and cycling together is hard to find, normally it is either or…
Would be just perfect adaptive training and cycling workouts can be used in Zwift or others and running workouts you just upload to your watch.


It is good to hear this, though I do have to wonder when I’ll be able to use Xert on my watch again after switching to a Fenix 7X.