Xert Player outdoors

Hello, I am using Xert Player to execute some smart workouts with my Edge 820 and it is just great. Thanks Xert. Today I went outdoors with my bike to do a SMART workout and everything went just fine, but as I uploaded the ride I found out that the GPS did not record anything (just the metrics and altitude, but not LAT-LON). Also, on Xert and GC the distance recorded is fine but on Strava it does not display the correct distance (in a 60km ride it shows 0,3km - this also happens on indoor rides).

Am I missing something?

You should turn GPS ON when you do workouts outdoors. Click the SELECT button and scroll down. Also, Strava has as issue with the distance developer field that we are using. You’ll get proper GPS and distance data in GC and Xert, but the distance data is not correct on Strava.

I had same issue today. Distance on strava was 0.4 km. Should have been 40. I deleted the strava and uploaded from the Garmin account then it was correct. Also got a spinning would not show any graphs , etc on the website until I exited the browser and restarted the browser.

Same here… but you can download from say… garmin connect and reload to strava? Or run FitRepairTool, maybe?