Xert player outdoors on Garmin edge 1030

My problem here is that the power I cycle is very unstable. Is it somewhere possible that the showed power is de 3seconds power?

We considered that when the app was designed. The power displayed is 3s avg power. Cheers!

Then something went wrong in the design. It is not the 3s average power. I’m sure of it.

The Edge has a setting for that (as well) - by default, it shows real time power, but you can change that.

I looked for it but didn’t find. Where on the edge 1030?

Activity Profiles -> Select or create one -> Data Screens -> Screen # -> Layout and Data Fields - if you select a Power field, you have the option to chose 3s, 10s, 30s…

That I know. Do you have already cycled a xert workout outdoor with xert player? That the location where the problem is.

I have, but I’m not constantly looking at my screen, as I mind watching the road more. I haven’t noticed anything weird, but if you have, contact support by email.

OK. I send a message.

Robert a have a problem. When I put a Xert workout on my Edge 1030 (in the directory New files) and I launch Xert workout player (from my Edge) I see that my FTP is comming from my phone. So far no problem. When I launch Training and I select the workout it comes on the schreen. But: when I put the button Ride the gps is shutting down… What do I wrong???

I don’t know, Luc. There have been numerous updates, both Garmin firmware and CIQ, the Xert Player.

The CIQ update requires you sign in and (re)authorize Xert again - did you go through that?

It’s working fine for me, on my Edge 530.

When you use the Connect IQ player indoors, GPS should be Off under the tap screen settings.
When you use the app outdoors, GPS should be turned On.
If that’s not working normally perhaps you need to reinstall.

What is the benefit to placing a Xert workout on the 1030 manually versus selecting a workout in Xert Online then loading that selection through the app?

Don’t understand your last sentence. How can I load the selected workout in Xert through the app on my edge to ride the workout ouside??

No answer needed!! I have found what you suggested!! Thanks!

Gotcha :slight_smile: but for others who may read this post scroll down to “Did you know” at bottom of this article:

This way (whicjh I did not know) do not shuts down my GPS!! Still a question: when I do it this way how can I see the steps, power … in a proper created datascreen?

I missed that bit - never crossed my mind to do it that way…

Glad your problem is solved, Luc :+1:t2:

I don’t think there is another option/screen. It’s not ideal if you have to look at it frequently, like for a workout with many intervals in rapid succession.

I only use it with workouts that have long (steady) intervals, like 8-20 minutes. If XATA recommends one that doesn’t suit that criteria, I manually pick another online or in the phone app, and then start the Player on my Edge…

As @Cyclopaat mentions it’s best to be choosy on workouts since graphical chart views aren’t available with the Connect IQ app.
You can view workout details beforehand on your phone. For example, following a warm-up there will four sets of X/Y so you are prepared for what’s coming.
An advantage to the IQ app is Smart workouts and curvilinear segments are functional – as much as riding a workout outdoors can be. :slight_smile:
Other times I’ll just ride and add some recommended intervals whenever the terrain allows by monitoring watts and timer. You know – old school. :slight_smile: It doesn’t have to be exact to fall within range of your XSS target.

I’m hoping all these issues go away when Karoo 2 is released and if :crossed_fingers: the Xert Android Player (or variant) will run on that device without any fuss. Then I’ll dump my 1030 and leave Garmin Connect. I’m only cycling and don’t need all the other “stuff”.
Overall the 1030 has been a fine GPS but the Garmin platform can be flaky :frowning: and I’m disappointed the 1030 Plus won’t have a better screen. Garmin’s screen isn’t in the same league as a Karoo or Stages Dash.

The single reason I bought a 530. I know the 1030 is (supposed to be) equipped with a much better touch screen, but I had an 820 and dumped it, because the screen was a mess.

Not sure the Karoo is the answer to everything…