Xert Player on Garmin Connect

Hi guys,

So just a bit of a warning, I used the xert player today for an outdoor run but it selected a workout I didn’t want to do which was fine, so I said start workout later. I carried on with my ride which landed up being some decent L2 which then followed up with some climbing, towards the end of my ride I met up with a mate and we stopped for coffee, I pressed pause and left the garmin and xert player as is, sat down had coffee, got back and the garmin was off, switched it back on and that ride was gone :face_vomiting::weary::sneezing_face::face_holding_back_tears: - looks like I can’t retrieve that ride back and I was really keen on seeing some stats on some old climbs today.

If you going to stop anywhere just make sure your device does not switch off. Really thought it would be like a ride started in garmin when you switch it on it resumes from the last position it stopped.

Is there anyway around this at all guys. I really enjoy the xert player.

Thank you

Just an update on this, it saved the ride - sorry to the Xert Gods but thank you.

Love this platform and xert training.


Glad to hear you didn’t lose data, hate when that happens.
Just in case you’re not aware of it: For outdoor rides you can use the normal Garmin activities (Road cycling or whichever) and add some Xert data fields (MPA, Focus…) to see the relevant data. No need to use the Xert player, that one is more for trainer rides indoors with a workout and usually smart trainer control in ERG mode.

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