Xert Player on Edge 830 and workout erg mode target power spikes


I am new to Xert and liking the realtime feedback on progress. I just tried a SMART workout for the first time through the Connect IQ Xert player on my new Garmin Edge 830 connected to my Tacx Neo. The workout worked correctly controlling the trainer in erg mode etc. However, I experienced about 10 Target power spikes over the 30 minute workout where it felt like some one put the brakes on for 1 second and then it would continue at the correct Target Power. Anyone experienced this?

Hmm… We haven’t had reports of this before. Are you connected to the trainer natively on the Garmin, or did you configure the trainer within the ConnectIQ app?

Do you have any other data fields or IQ apps installed on the device? They could possibly be interfering with background services.

Trainer on Connect IQ, I have completed 2 more sessions and the issue has not returned, maybe just put that down to a one-off issue.

No data fields