Xert player garmn 530 + Tacx Neo dropping ERG mode

I’m been riding with the Xert player on Garmin 530 controlling my Tacx over Ant and my PC connected to the Tacx over BT so I can ride Zwift during my workouts.

I can always get it working correctly at first, but part way through every workout, the 530 drops out of ERG mode and I can never get it back. I keep trying to hit Reconnect and Power mode in the Xert player and I’ve even tried toggling the BT connection on my PC.

Is there any way to make this reliable?

I don’t want to fall back to downloading ZWO because of the smart features and Xert tracking of LTP.

Is this the article you followed for setup?
Using the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

I no longer have a Garmin, but I believe you should configure Garmin’s sensors for trainer control (not the Xert IQ player) then pair Zwift to power only. Also, GPS = Off.

Instructions also mention If your trainer or any sensor that uses your trainer’s ANT ID is configured, you will need to remove all of them from your Garmin sensors menu.

yes - also the using Xert with Zwift guide.

The problem is not getting it working - the problem is it dropping out before my workout ends.

Sounds like an app/device is trying to connect to your trainer during the workout.
Start out simple with PC and phone off and connect only through Garmin sensor settings before running the Xert Player.
If that works consistently then try adding Zwift.
If not, try the same test with BLE connection to confirm if ANT+ drops are the issue.

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After a number of rides with this working reliably, it failed again today.


Garmin/Tacx get stuck in a mode where it fails to follow the workout and stays at the wrong power level. Tried reconnect inside Xert player, tried power cycle trainer, nothing fixes it, so the rest of the workout is wasted time because you’re working at the wrong wattage.

Have you tried switching off your pc and just using your Garmin? Just to rule that out.

I fixed it with and ANT+ dongle on the PC and driving the workouts with my phone over BT.

Be sure to connect the PC to the FE radio of the Tacx to avoid dropouts.