Xert Player Garmin 520+ Outdoors

Hi I’m new to Xert and currently running the 30 day trial to see if it works for me. After some messing about (had to delete the trainer sensor) I’ve managed to get the Xert player working on my Garmin 520+ and connected to my Cycleops Hammer indoor trainer. This has been great and also got it working with Zwift at the same time via Bluetooth connection.

I’m very keen to try the SMART workouts out on the road now, but every time I try the Xert Player is unable to find my power meter. Note that I use a dedicated bike on the indoor trainer with no power meter, so the outdoor workouts are with a dedicated bike with a Quarq AXS power meter installed as a sensor on the same Garmin. Powermatch is selected to OFF since they are not on the same bike at the same time. Do I need to delete the powermeter sensor from the Garmin too?

Oddly this also removes the ability for the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app to detect my power meter for workouts as well.

Any ideas how to get this working appreciated.


I just have my powermeter paired with the Garmin like for all my rides, and it works fine. (Just have to remember to turn on GPS if you want to record the route / speed, but that doesn’t affect power). There is no need to remove sensors from the Garmin, or look to add them inside the Xert app, or play with Powermatch.

One issue you may have (there is another thread covering this - as yet unresolved) is that sometimes exiting the Xert player disables all sensors (e.g. after a workout)… so it’s important to check that sensors are actually enabled and paired before starting the Xert player.

Otherwise, usual starting point with Garmin issues is to make sure you have the latest firmware / app versions everywhere i.e. on the Garmin itself and also for the apps on mobile and Garmin device. Have also heard that having other apps on the Garmin can cause issues (I don’t run any) so you may want to try disabling or removing them.

If you are still having problems you can just write to support and they can advise

Many thanks, I just checked and indeed it had disabled all my sensors! No wonder it couldn’t read the power meter. Just that it’ll be a huge pain to re-enable all the sensors every time I ride.

for me it doesn’t happen every time… and can say it never used to happen in the past, only the last few months, so suspect it’s related to one of Garmin’s updates… hoping a future update fixes it…