Xert Player for Garmin / Connect IQ - comments

  1. Xert player on my Edge 520 makes lap every 8.05km (5 miles) - I think it is some kind of a bug.
  2. Power value on the power bar is 1s power (I suppose). Is it possible to make it 3s moving avg?
  1. We’ve looking into turning off lap notices but there isn’t anything we can do from the app. You may want look at how to turn this off in the Garmin settings.
  2. The Remote Player smaller gauge uses 3s smoothing. Try using that. We’ve tested with 1, 3 and 5 seconds and 1s appears to be the best for short, intense intervals. Also, some power meters already do some smoothing so additional smoothing will make it less effective. Which power meter are you using?

Is it possible to make a lap when a new interval starts per the workout?

We implemented that initially but unfortunately the Garmin will show the lap screen. This obscures key workout data and it takes a number of seconds for it to dismiss - quite annoying during a short intense effort. The workout profile shows in Activity Details chart so you can always pick up your intervals visually there. We’re going to put in a request to Garmin to allow laps counters to be triggered without having the lap screen pop up.

Cool thanks. I was also getting the lap every 8.05km which until today, ive never seen before.


  1. I don’t use autolap and I don’t have any popups when I don’t use xert player
  2. I have Stages powermeter. 3s avg is my basic power “gauge”, but I don’t do short sprint intervals very often. Now I understand why you prefer 1s instead of 3s avg.