Xert Player for Garmin CIQ

Iam struggling with the Xert Player. Is there a documentation on the trainer setup, etc.? I just find installation videos. I am having problems getting my trainer controlled by the xert player. Using Zwift it worked fine. I disconnected Zwift and discovered the trainer using my Garmin 1000. Do I need to do anything else? Maybe in the Xert Player App?

you have to remove the trainer from the Garmin 1000. The Xert Player will control the trainer through its own channel.

Ah. I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion. I will report the outcome tomorrow.

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip.

sure, gern geschehen !

i dont see the power in strava, any thoughts on that? I see the power in Garmin as IQ power if i upload the fit file to xert it also sees the power. Now i want the power to strava…

I have the exact same issue…to have the power in strava so far all I found is to run the xert app on another device that doesn’t control your trainer but only records power…

strange thing is that Trainingpeaks see the power so i presume the data is in the file only strava doesn’t read it or the api is bad configured.

interesting…I just assumed there was no power since Xert website and strava didn’t see any power. Plus I’ve notice that when my garmin controls the trainer correctly (but doesnt save power correctly) I’m not seeing any cadence data, which is not the case when it save power correctly (but is unable to control the trainer)

Note that for the moment, the Xert Player for ConnectIQ stores power/speed data coming from the trainer differently than regular power/speed data. This is due to the trainer having to be configured in the app. The Garmin app interface prevents any app from storing data to standard sensor channels like power and speed. Fortunately, Xert, Strava and TP pick the trainer power data from the developer field that we use for store the power data. Also note that if you have a power meter, its data will get stored normally by the Garmin when you use the Xert Player. Hope this helps.

hmm ok but strava doesn’t show the powerdata at this moment so they have to configure that different or is on the side of Xert?

Strava should show it. If you look at it on Garmin Connect, you’ll see it at “Trainer Power” and it should show up on Strava as power data. Does for everyone unless there is some other issue.

in garmin i see it as iq powerdata on trainingspeak as normal powerdata in strava no powerdate. its for all workouts from xert and seeing the reaction of others more people have that probleem. it looks like strava doesnt recognize the powerdata.

i can confirm i see the power in garmin as Trainer Power IQ

i will try a ride outside tomorrow with the app and stages powermeter, should that work?

maybe i know what the problem is and that i do my training on a tacx neo and the speed/power/cadence all have 1 source. As mentioned by someone else if you connect another powermeter everything is fine…

The Xert Player will do powermatch by default. This means it uses your regular power meter on the Garmin to control your power when you have a smart trainer. It works very well and is recommended for consistent and accurate data.