Xert Player Connection Error

The Xert Player on iOS is now showing “There was a connection error. Please try again later” every time the app is launched. No issues with the device connecting to the internet or BLE sensors, and no issues with login info.
Has anyone else had this? Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

Hi Jon,

If this happens, try hitting cancel and then logging in again. Sometimes this error can occur if the network connection changes during the day.

Seems to happen sporadically. You can try and fully close the app (swipe up from app list) and relaunching it.

I have just signed up for an Xert trial and downloaded the iOS app to run the workouts. However, I am getting the connection error mentioned by the poster above. Restarting the app and phone has not rectified the issue. I have also tried reinstalling the app, to no success.

Any advice?

Same problem here. I accidently logged out this morning from Xert player iOS app - now there’s no way to connect the app again with my account. Have tried everything

  • closed app
  • deinstalled app
  • restarted iPhone
  • other network connections (WiFi, mobile data)

Well, it’s happening with me as well, Peter. Have you or anyone else had success w/ connecting? and if so, how?



Did anyone get this to resolve? New user here and same issue

Hey Howard,

Can you try and ensure that you’re signing in with your username, not your email address?