Xert Player and Edge 1030 issues

In addition to the sensor-disabling defect in the Garmin Xert Player when running on my Edge 1030, there are two other characteristics I dislike:

  • the screen appears fixed, and shows a lot less than Xert player run say on an iPad
  • during a workout access to the unit’s power button is disabled so I cannot lock the screen (which I typically do with all other indoor sessions).

This is a shame because I now have to balance being able to run the Player on my Edge, using the ANT+ connection for trainer control (so I can access power etc in Zwift) and running it on my iPad using full BLTE connections which forsakes Zwift (if I want to preserve SMART functionality).

The defect in this case is the Connect IQ platform from Garmin.
Garmin supposedly fixed it in recent firmware updates but not according to users.
Indoor workouts are so much easier with Xert Mobile on a phone IME.
My 1030 sits on my trainer desk as a paper weight until long outdoor rides are back in spring.

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Completely understand your situation. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much freedom for us when trying to build an entire app within the confines of the ConnectIQ software. I would also like to point out that the Xert Workout player is a two-time ConnectIQ app of the year :slight_smile:

The Garmin workout player was meant to be a rather simple tool to run workouts from Xert - so we never spent precious development time working on creating & supporting mapping, individualization functions, etc. within the workout player. Rather, you can use the remote player/monitor to view the data being collected from the Garmin (and a whole bunch more). Alternatively, the iOS/Android apps both bring considerable improvements in the amount of data that can be viewed, customization, etc. (In my biased opinion) I also find the UI a little more intuitive, and you get access to features that the Garmin isn’t able to do, such as the XATA tab, and being able to filter & select any workout, rather than the currently selected workout.

In your case, a CABLE might be a really handy device. This can essentially double the amount of BT sensors you can pair, as it can convert an ANT+ signal to BLE. This would let you pair the native BLE in our app, and the ANT > BLE signal in Zwift. Might be worth a shot!

Thanks for the full reply Scott. I agree, compared to most of the apps available via Connect IQ the Xert one is doing an amazing job, and I guess is much better suited to riding outdoors - whereas of course currently I’m only training indoors. It also ‘suffers’ because the iOS Player app is exceptionally good.

Thanks for the tip on CABLE - I have looked into them before after DC Rainmaker’s comments but for most things the Apple TV works really well (with Zwift companion in tandem if required, like on the rare occasions I use the Stereo Smart steerer), and they weren’t that easy to get hold of in the UK. Just had another look though and ordered one from Cyclepowermeters