Xert Planner

Im currently in the build period for a peak on October 14th. I decided to use planner to forecast what I should be doing over the next 8 weeks. The suggested Focus goes from GC to Rouler and then the remaining weeks at my Athlete Type of Breakaway Specialist. But after inputing the suggested workouts over the next number of weeks the Focus goes GC, Climber, Rouler, and then back to GC for the remaining 5 weeks ? Why does the planner suggested workouts not lead to a Focus of Breakaway Specialist in the last weeks of build ?

Hi John. Technically, there isn’t a major difference between Rouleur, GC and Breakaway Specialist in terms of Focus Duration. When multiple suitable workouts are found, the advisor will choose one that match your ability to handle difficulty and the appropriate XSS as well. These may end up with a slightly different Focus. Notably, you shouldn’t be seeing Sprinter workouts or Endurance workouts which would be quite a bit off your target Focus.

Hi Armando, thats, OK. The workouts being selected and the weekly Focus not targeting Breakaway Specialist then might be as a result of low Training Load. Am struggling to do the rides I want without turning the stars red for a few days. Guess I just need to be more patient.

As mentioned in our blog, it’s ok to train while status is red but you’ll need to override the recommendations if you do. This can boost your training load sooner. Just be aware that you’re doing that and that the practice shouldn’t be continued.