Xert planner _ activities re XSS deficit/surplus same day


I don’t consider my self slow, but either there is a bug or some illogical behaviour in the planner, or perhaps I am after all :slight_smile: .

I have had a light bout with covid for a week, and my XSS deficit is growing as can be seen on the next pictures

When I add the suggested workout to 12/16/22 the training deficit stays the same:

But on 12/17/22 the deficit decreases based on the workout the PREVIOUS day:

However, if I add 4 workouts to 12/16/22, then the XXS deficit shifts to a surplus on 12/16/22:

And the surplus is even larger on 12/17/2022 without adding any workuts, seemingly because of the suggested workout on 12/16/22, not the additional 3 workouts that day.

It seems that the Traing Status and the XXS deficit/surplus is updated the next day for the first suggested workout? But for additional workouts the Training Status is updated for the same day.

Shouldn’t all workouts done on 12/16/22 affect the XXS deficit/surplus at the end of 12/16/22, by 23:59 according to my settings?


At what time of the day are you scheduling the workout?

I don’t know if this is the reason, but by (annoying) default the workouts are added at the end of the day (in you case at 23:59).

If you didn’t change the time, the workout finishes next day, skewing up things.

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Personally I think this is one of the two most questioned aspects of Xert.
The other is on the same report and is the focus duration

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I thought I understood it, but then, when I paused workouts because of covid, I saw this strange pattern: First workout on day «D» affect XXS the NEXT day by 23:59, a workout number two or three on «D» day affects XXS the SAME day by 23:59.

This is according to the PLANNER, activities being treated differently, and I don’t get it all.

You must remember to change the activity start time when you select a workout from the Planner. If you use drag and drop you must open the workout/activity afterwards to edit the start time. An update could resolve that issue by popping the same form as when you Schedule a workout from the Recommended Training list. Only in this case the date would be filled in and cursor moves to Workout Time. Example –

The alternative is to change the As Of time under Goals to reflect the time of day you normally train. However, I prefer the end-of-day default of 11:59pm. If I use the Planner I make sure to enter the approximate start time for the activity. But I normally go day to day and today the advice reflects what the deficit/surplus will be at the end of today if I don’t do anything today. :slight_smile:
If I were to pack the day with multiple workouts (with appropriate start times) the surplus will increase with each workout added.

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Taper (-1) is normally used when you want to ease off before an event date or after performing a block of training before the next block.
For any sickness or injury or schedule hiccup that affects a week or more, you may as well throw IR into Off-Season and ignore XATA during that period and during the first week getting back to normal.
Otherwise XATA is using a rolling 7-day window to predict your training requirements moving forward against your recent past but you just tossed your normal schedule out the window. :smiley:
Also consider predicted form of Very fresh doesn’t apply at all. You were/are sick and likely shouldn’t ride. If you slam the Freshness Feedback slider to the left accordingly the only workouts will be in the active recovery range (Focus: 24 hours).

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Thank you very much. This was new to me, and very useful :pray: