Xert OPEN Tuesday Ride

Come join the Xert Surplus Seekers group for our weekly public group ride using the new Xert Sessions functionality!

Next public ride is coming up on Tuesday, April 6th at 0600 EDT (1200 CEST), where we will be riding the SMART - Bangarang - Extended workout (~135 XSS, GC Specialist Focus, :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: difficulty)

Join here: https://www.xertonline.com/sessions/mmj5uuojpvyno6ks/join

Would love to see some of you join us if you can! Have any questions about joining or participating in a session, ask away!

Next OPEN Tuesday morning ride is tomorrow, April 13th at 0600 EDT (1200 CEST)! It’ll be a fun ride!

Come see how Xert’s #MIXEDMODE workouts function with some Mixed Mode sprints! We’ll be riding the SMART - Adventure of a Lifetime - 90 workout (~111 XSS, :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: difficulty, Road Sprinter workout).

Link to session details, where you can join the ride: https://www.xertonline.com/sessions/wtlxrhjxieylnqqa/details

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Another opportunity to join a fun Xert OPEN Tuesday Ride on Tues, April 20 at 0600 EDT (1200 CEST)!
This week we’ll be doing a moderately difficult workout: The Towers (6x5 min)

It’s a :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: difficulty, ~105 XSS Climber workout that’s great for starting to introduce some High Intensity into your training, especially as you exit base training.

Session details & the link to join can be found here: