Xert OPEN Session

Join us for an Xert group ride tomorrow morning (0600 EST)! It’s a quick and fun 90 min ride - we’ll be riding the SMART - Uprising + workout (Climber, :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: difficulty workout). You can join from the sessions page, or directly via the following URL: https://www.xertonline.com/sessions/ckb2pmcvornqnjth/join

Hope to see some of you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I had signed up for a 101 and now have a flipping out of town meeting. Sigh. Any chance of one of these being recorded?

Next Xert OPEN session coming up tomorrow morning! Small, chatty group so far, but plenty of room for more!

Details and link to join from here: https://www.xertonline.com/sessions/ejp9hbeh72uk5nkn/details

Still plenty of time to join this week’s Xert OPEN Tuesday session!

Link to session details HERE

The OPEN sessions are starting back up - keep an eye out on the Xert Sessions page! Tomorrow’s workout is one of my favorites.;

Details here: Xert - Login

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Come join me next Tuesday at 0600 EST for some Endurance + Mixed Mode Sprints!

Session Details here: Xert - Sessions

Another chance to join an Xert OPEN session coming up tomorrow at 0600 EST! Come ride with me :slight_smile:

Still time to join us for tomorrow’s high intensity group session :slight_smile: Good group of people and a good workout! Come check out an Xert group session if you haven’t yet! At the very least you’ll get a good workout in :slight_smile:

Refreshing this topic now that we have some additional documentation on sessions & more folks continue to try them out! Public session tomorrow morning at 0600 EST!

Another Tuesday endurance session! Feel free to join if you’d like - details in the link below :slight_smile:

Come ride nice and easy with me tomorrow morning :slight_smile: Link to session below!

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